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Expandable Privacy Garden Fence
Expandable Privacy Garden Fence
Expandable Privacy Garden Fence
Expandable Privacy Garden Fence

Expandable Privacy Garden Fence

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Sturdy construction💪

The fence is made of willow wood which makes it sturdy and strong.

You can easily retract it countless times, and it will not lose its stable construction and firmness.

Simple installation🛠️

The construction of this fence will let you install it on your wall or in your garden within seconds.

It is easily expandable and retractable, and you can even change position to your liking.

What’s more, you can connect several pieces of this wonderful fence to make the privacy and enjoyment complete.

Life-like plant🌱

Artificial plant propped on the wooden construction is life-like and no one will ever know that it is just a decoration.

Moreover, you can easily remove the artificial plant and let your real vining plant braid a wonderful curtain up and around the wooden construction of the fence.

Additional decoration

You can easily prop planters onto the fence for additional decoration and enjoyment.

Being so strong, the fence can withstand additional weight easily and you will be able to decorate your new nook to your liking and enjoy it even more. Or office!

Adjustable height and length

This fence will fit into any space.

With the stretchy system, you can easily adjust the length and height to your liking.

Unstretched fence is about 16 inches.

When you stretch your fence to 77 inches, the height drops to 12 inches.

This will allow you to make any space enjoyable without any additional work or messy fence cutting and shortening.


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