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Fruismyther Hydroponics Kit
Fruismyther Hydroponics Kit
Fruismyther Hydroponics Kit
Fruismyther Hydroponics Kit

Fruismyther Hydroponics Kit

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Smart Panel Reminds you to Water🤖

Fruismyther Hydroponics Kit will be thinking for you and its smart panel will be reminding you when you need to add more water.

Water Indicator💧

Track water levels easily.

Lights Switch off Automatically💡

Moreover, it has an automatic light system, so even if you forget to turn the lights off, they will turn off automatically after 14 hours of work.

Full Spectrum Grow Lights💡

  • 28 White lights
  • 16 Red led lights
  • 4 Blue led lights

Set them to 16h, 12h, or to turn off automatically.

Easy Setup🛠️

It all takes a few minutes!

No GMO or Pesticides🥗

With nutrient delivery with the help of water, there will be no need for artificial growth helpers, pesticides, or anything that would make your food any less than perfect.

No Soil and Dirty Hands (5x faster growth)👌

If you don't like soil on your counter top, growing plants with the help of water and air only is your thing.

The plant will feed much faster with nutrients from water then with nutrients from soil, thus growing faster (about 5 times!)

Automatic Nutrient Delivery🌱

You will not have to worry and wonder if you have watered your plants or not.

The plants that are suspended in the air and touching the water will know what, when and how much they need so they'll be serving themselves.

Natural Extendable Bamboo Frame🌳

Fruismyther has natural bamboo frame (non-toxic) that can be extended to follow the growth of your plants to the height of up to 24cm.


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